The first urban running crew from Barcelona

Proudly established at la Barceloneta. Here you will find stories about us and what we’re up to.

Everything started just running.

A group of individuals that, by chance, got together at the same weekly training sessions one spring.

That was the match that lit the fire: we were bound by running.

But it doesn't end just running.

For us running is not just about hard training and competing. It is about sharing our passions for sports, music, food and travel.

We train hard to better ourselves, yes, but we put our energy to enjoy each day together.

Fresh air fire to Barcelona.

As everyday runners, we say: there are too many run clubs and standard races in this city. There has to be something more than that.

We are working hard to deliver new experiences to the running community in Barcelona.

Friends and fam.

Rubén, 32

Bárbara, 28

Alex, 20

Anas, 18

Joan, 31

Mireia, 24

Bego, 35

Ahmed, 31

Albert, 18

Oualid, 26

Lus, 23

Virginia, 27

David, 20

Alex, 25

Oscar, 33

Steve, 23

Bea, 26

Dagi, 26

Alex, 30

Javi, 29

Dani, 37

Iván, 43

Judith, 22

Martina, 21

Fabien, 35

Esther, 38

Aitor, 34

Come find us.

You can usually find us training with #BOXBARCELONARUNNERS.

Tuesdays at NIKE BOX BARCELONA Instagram C/Atlàntida, 78 (Barceloneta)